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We want everyone to benefit from the new dental developments, and we feel that sometimes the ability to pay for these hi-tech new advancements gets in the way of having a better life, like Snap-On Comfort Dentures, that improve the quality of lives for our Patients.

With Seniors, living on fixed incomes, we feel it our duty to help as much as possible, so that their mature years, 65+ can be made, at least by us, no different then everyone else.

In our practice, we do not treat an 80 year old, any differently than a 45 year old. We now have the ability to save our patients teeth, whether they are 7 or 70. I have 85 year old Patients, that have all of there teeth. There is no age discrimination, but our duty is to help seniors get the same new treatments, as everyone.



Dr. Lesser wants you to be informed about your oral health--more
informed means better decisions! It's your body, and the more you understand, you and Dr. Lesser will be able to make better decisions together. He wants you to know.....

As a public service, Dr. Lesser develops, and makes various FREE REPORTS available, to inform patients about the latest dental discoveries, or other important issues about your oral health.

Free Report: Consumer's Guide to Dental Implants- --              
                                    How to Get the Smile You've Always Wanted !

To receive Dr. Lesser's Currrent Free Report, is simple:

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