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"Dr. Lesser- I'm certainly not used to this!

Guys keep complimenting me- I have just smiled for a photo for the first time in years! I feel better about myself, and my self-confidence has really improved ( I just got a promotion at work) since seeing you. And my social life has competely improved! I have been dating this great guy.

Thanks to you all-my friends all want to see you! You have really changed my life. I wish I had done this years ago, but I was really afraid and hadn't found a doctor with your excellent skills and great personality--great job.
Jackie A., Cosmetic Patient, Waitress-Now Manager, Livonia, MI

I had a wonderful experience at the dentist today. My dentist retired and my friends recommended me to Dr. Lesser. Dr. Lesser was very nice and so was his hygentist Andrea. The dentist isn't my favorite thing to do and they explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable. I your looking for a new dentist call Dr. Lesser.
Lauren G., Teacher, Birmingham, MI

Not all Dentist are equal! I went to see Dr. Lesser for a tooth ache. His staff and Dr. were professional and friendly. His office is comfortable and clean.

I have alot of fear of dentists, and his manner was so unjudging, not like other dentists I have gone to. No lecturing or telling me what I should have done---I already know!

He actually listened to my fears and concerns, which has never been done. His treatment was completely NO PAIN. We then, talked about replacing missing teeth and fixing my mouth, so I won't end up in false teeth.

I would highly recommned Dr. Lesser to any patient that has anxiety about the dentist. He uses Relaxtion Aids to help patients. I had sedation (sleep dentistry), I hardly remember the visits. I will continue to see him as my dentist, no matter how far I have to go.
Richard, Sedation & Implants, Trucker, Wixom, MI

I wanted to look younger, and start dating again, but always covered my mouth in pictures. My friend recommended Dr. Lesser.

He replaced my missing teeth with implants, that was pain-free. He fixed my front teeth, with veneers and crowns--I can't pass a mirror without "grinning". His manner is completely calming (all my life I've been nervous and stayed away, thus the toothaches, broken teeth, and missing teeth!

What struck me as different then others I had seen--he was completely non-judgemental-even though I felt ashamed. He has further traning in implants, and cosmetic dentistry, but also does fillings, whitening, general dental procedures. His office is up to date and calming, his staff is great. My restoration case took about 6 months, some of the treatment was insurance plan paid a portion. I would recommend Dr. Lesser, to anyone who is anxious, and wants quality, artistic dental care. I am always treated with kindness and respect.!

About Hygienist: Andrea is so gentle, she explains everything, and I love the feeling of just cleaned teeth. I go 4 times a year to prevent gum disease.
Candice M., Sedation, Veneers & Crowns-Smile Makeover & Back Implant Patient, School Bus Driver, Lansing, MI

"Dear Dr. Lesser,
I am very thankful that I found out about your treatment for Halitosis. I have been self-conscious about this problem for several years and I had been praying for a cure. One of my New Years' resolutions was to find a cure for this condition. This condition has really affected my life--I was withdrawn.
I thank God for this treatment. Ever since I had your Fresh Breath treatment, I can feel my confidence returning. I'm not as nervous about talking to people. I don't notice people covering their noses when I talk. The day I received my treatment, I vowed that I would take a new hold on life. I began to excercise daily and improve my diet as well. I'm very proud to say I'm wearing clothes that I hadn't worn in a long time !
My mouth feels clean and I feel more confident. At night I can face my husband without feeling uncomfortable. I really enjoy the at-home maintenance program, to insure my Fresh Breath; it is so refreshing!
I worked twice as hard before treatment--brushing, flossing & rinsing and still not feeling comfortable with the results. Now after my routine care I feel confident and ready to tackle the world !
My confidence is coming back after years of being ashamed to even talk. I truly believe that Dr. Lesser & his staff are a blessing from God !"
You have changed my life, thank you forever,
Rose C., Lawyer, BAD BREATH (Halitosis) patient, Ecorse, MI

"Dear Dr. Lesser & Staff....I will be moving to my new home and medical residency in Arizona...Thank you for your wonderful service regarding my difficult dental problems over the years. I appreciate very much your efforts in this regard: especially the last fine job you did with the bridge over my implnts. Please thank Kathy and Lynne for their many kindnesses."
Monica E., Medical Student, Sterling Heights, MI

"Dear Doctor & Staff- I'm going to keep this short and sweet----I've been out of work for a year, have horrible crooked, yellow teeth, went on over 40 interviews. My friend is your patient and said, go see doc Lesser. You fixed my teeth, they looke completely natural, and I just got a good job!!!!! You rule Dr. Lesser. It's the best money I ever spent. THANK YOU, YOU'VE CHANGED MY LIFE DOC."
Frank H., Warehouse Coordinator, Canton

"Dear Dr. and staff- I had to tell you this...I am very pleased and impressed with the dental services that I have received at your office.You fixed my teeth and they look so natural, a girl I met about a month ago said, she wishes she had "good teeth" and a "great smile" like mine, and it was "attractive" looking. This was really beyond great!-- She said she hated her teeth (never smiled much). I simply thanked her, and "smiled" to myself...And it felt great! Doc, thanks for getting me a date, and new confidence! On our first date, I came clean & gave her your card."
James O., Engineer, Birmingham, MI

"Dr. Lesser & Staff-I want to thank you for your kind and considerate care you have given me. From my first consultation, Dr. listened to what I wanted, and I never felt rushed or pressured, that really impressed me. In fact I did all the talking, not like other dentsts I've been to. I would always cover my mouth when a picture was taken. Your new computer imaging allowed me to see how my appearance could be improved, before starting any treatment. That was so cool, it really helped me. I am so thankful. Everyone compliments me on my white teeth, I'm even dating again. You are the best, and I'm not one to write, but I just had to."
John R., Consultant, Royal Oak, MI

"They saved my teeth! I am so pleased and impressed by your skills. People keep comlimenting on my beautiful smile and how much younger and attractive I look. I'm even dating again. For the first time in years, I'm not covering my mouth for photos anymore. I wish I had found you years ago. You are a true artist Dr. Lesser"
Ellen M., Bank Teller, Toledo, OH

"Dear Doctor- You made my day! The side-by-side picture (before and after) speaks volumes! It is a great presentation of happiness and change my new smile has provided."
Sincerely, Shirley C. Nurse, Detroit, MI

I have been going to Dr.Lesser for around 3 years now. I was a little reluctant to try a new dentist after having had the same dentist for the first 28 years of my life. He and his staff have always made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my visits.

Recently, Dr.Lesser performed cosmetic dentistry on me and I am amazed at the results! The 4 caps he put in to replace my front 4 teeth look and feel great. It was rather quick and painless. I love my new smile and also enjoy not being self conscious about smiling anymore. I highly recommend him to everyone!!
Carl P., Cosmetic Smile Patient, Royal Oak, MI

I'm afraid to go to dentists, due to nervousness-so I have lost teeth and it really embarrases me. A group of co-workers kept telling me about their dentist-who is really good---patient, understanding, painless and thorough. The expert (see Doctor Testimonials) for "dental disasters", like me. My tooth broke, so I figured I'd have to go through another painful experience. I had resigned myself to false teeth by the time I reached 40, even though they change your looks, and I hear they're horrible. Plus they come out! Luckily, I got in to see Dr. Lesser, and my life has changed!

Dr. Lesser listened, gently and painlessly saved my tooth (a first), and talked to me about what my concerns were, not what I should do. What did I want? Permanent white teeth! He discussed my options, we agreed on replacing the missing ones with tooth implants, and I can now say I feel proud to smile.

Dr. Lesser, everyone tells me how beautiful I look. Thank you for being the first dr. to respect my situation and handle my problems with complete and friendly compassion. You and your staff are great, your office is clean and up to date, and I now look forward to seeing you, and trust you completely. Always greatfull.
Carolyn E. , Implant & Veneer Sedation Patient, Legal Secretary, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I have been seeing doc lesser for about 12 years now, and was so nervous, I hadn't been to any dentist, other then putting up with severe tootaches , getting the tooth pulled, and waiting for the next one. No dentist had ever talked to me about saving my teeth, I thought all dentist were equal. They're not. Well, when my cousin refered me to dr. Lesser, he said he has this new method, can calm you down, and can save teeth that other dentists couldn't. He treated me with respect and for the first time, I could see this dr. was different .He even personally called me, after an involved visit to make sure everything was O.K. I've never been treated with this much caring, and sure have never been called by the dr. that evening. I would recommend Dr. Lesser to anyone who wants a great dentist---all dentists are not the same."
Walter K., Machinist, Plymouth, MI

"I like doctor Lessers's office because...Everyone makes you feel welcome and just like you're an old friend. They really care about you and your dental health. They explain anything you ask them. I appreciate all the attention to detail that is given to me. They go above and beyond to ensure you understand and are comfortable during, and after your visit."
Biranna W., Mother

"Doctor Lanny Lesser and staff- Your kindness comes as a welcome touch of warmth and caring. Thank you for all you've done. Thank you for your excellent dental work. I find your gentle manner refreshing and appreiciate the attention of your staff. You are not just a are a dental artist !!! I look forward to my next visit. (this is from a high-anxiety person, who was embarrassed, and had not been to a dentist in 9 years. I was told my teeth could not be saved. if my coworker had not recommended you, I would be in false teeth today at 34. You had solutions that others dentists couldn't. Now I have solid, natural looking teeth that feel like my own)" .
Ann S., Receptionist, Grand Blanc, MI

Dear Dr. Lesser & your great staff,
I just moved to the Detroit area from Los Angelos, after seeing the same dentist since I was 5. I knew only that dental visits hurt, even cleanings. My mouth is full of metal fillings, patched up for 20 years. I have endured severe toothaches to avoid going; my dentist could never get me numb. I thought all dentist were like mine.

I am usually not a letter writer, but I had to drop a note to thank you and your staff, for your expertise, artistry, understanding, professionalism---yet right when I walked in, I could sense that this practice was different--I was not just a chart number and a set of teeth.

It made me feel confident and comfortable. I now know that dentists are not all the same--equal; and that you and you staff are heads and shoulders above what I had to endure my whole life.

Anyone who is looking for high quality, hi-tech care, in a calming, clean office-see Dr. Lanny Lesser. If you just are interested in price and average--see the dentist in the next strip mall. Thank you for really giving me confidence with a dazzling smile Doctor. I wish I had met you 15 years ago.
Merrick R., Implant, Veneer & crown Patient, Fed-Ex Driver, Brighton, MI

"Dr. Lesser- I just became a patient at your practice and had to write you this note. I have been afraid of dentists my whole life, and was embarrassed to see anyone--they always lectured me on what I should have done. My first at you office exceeded my expectations! I felt so comfortable..I knew this place was different. Your team made me feel like I had know you all for some time..they are friendly, professional, caring, and most important: informative, but not judgemental. Doctor- you are truely an artist. You have made me feel so much younger with new smile, my teeth look more natural then others I've seen. My self confidence is great now (I can't pass a mirror without grinning). I feel 10 years younger! Finally..unlike other offices--at yours I "don't feel like a number...." Thank you so much, I wish I had met you and done this years ago."
Sincerely, Cynthia S., Mother & GrandMother, Retired G.M. worker, Beverly Hills, MI

"Dear Dr. Lesser and Staff:
I am very pleased and impressed with the dental services I have received at your office. The teeth cleaning procedures went very well, and I have fresh and odor-free breath for the first time in the several years that I suffered with halitosis. I feel better when communicating with people now, and my self-confidence has really improved since I received my treatment at your office!

Thanks to everyone...I have my fresh and odor-free breath back."

Sincerely, Evelyn L. Mc.., Medical Student-
Bad Breath Treatment Patient, Toledo, OH